Welcome to the KristinGProject.

Summer is officially here and with it, comes the opportunity to be outside, get fresh air, move the body, bbq, and enjoy life. I will be focusing on local groups and organizations that are making a global difference. By local, I mean New York and Massachusetts, because I travel back and forth a lot, especially in nice weather.

A short fun story: I came home to my Mom’s house and she had a giant pile of organic dirt sitting on the lawn. My initial reaction was, “Oh, no, I have a no heavy lifting restriction and can’t help move the dirt”. Next visit, my mom had shoveled some new dirt into my garden, filled the new raised bed garden, and was still working on the pile, but it was significantly smaller in size. Little by little, a lot was done.

The moral: Keep at it, and it will get done!

Now get out there and Do Something!

contact: kgambell@gmail.com
see: kristing.com

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